Opportunity knocks seven times

Close on the heels of the press ad for the BMW Z4 Roadster that used the word, 'Joy' eight times, comes this a gem: A full page ad on the last page of last Saturday's Mumbai Mirror:
Opportunity .. So Rare ...
If you still haven't picked one
when will you?
(Only 45 Plots Balance)

This headline is accompanied by a hand about to pick up a diamond the size of a coconut.
The body copy takes the 'Opportunity' further:
Many times opportunity knocks at your door...
In order to cash in the opportunity, you should be clever enough to respond quickly...
Wise people identify opportunity immediately and grab it before others...
Now when a rare opportunity like Bhimashankar Hills is available, you would not like to miss it...
Bhimashankar Hills offers unbelievable features at lowest cost...
Isn't this a rare opportunity?...

The closing line that follows after the project details completes the circle (of opportunity):
Bhimashankar Hills, Karjat
Your perfect decision.. Rare Opportunity Like A Diamond...

Despite having a lot more words [like, 'Available at LRP (Logical & Reasonable Price)'], than the BMW ad, this one manages to use 'opportunity' only seven times.

The ad has been released by:
Soft Corner
The Art of Buying ......


  1. hahaha
    this is especially funny given the indian propensity to mis-pronounce "opportunity"

    "soft corner"

  2. Yeah Ruch, it was too good an opportunity to let go!
    I have been reading your blog and the poems are POEMS. Love them all.


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