En Joy

In the advertisement for the 'All-new' BMW Z4 Roadster in today's Times of India, Mumbai, the word 'Joy' spelled with a capital 'J' appears eight times. And though there was a time when BMW ads had a lot of words in them, this ad is not one of them.

I can picture two things:
Clients who are pleased as punch with their own product. (Understandable.)
The Joy on the clients' faces as the writer read out the copy to them.


  1. Isn't the popular phrase - pleased as punch?
    Or am I missing the pun?
    Please enlighten

  2. It is, 'pleased as punch' and that's a typing error. Thanks for pointing it out mate.

  3. When they wrote Y E E E H A, it made more sense than Joyx8 for a Z4.
    Unless it is the dealer releasing a quick one under the nose of Peter Kronschnabl, the CEO of BMW India

  4. But then, M, when was the last time you read a legit press ad that was written as if someone cared?


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