Vodafone India - Happy to Yelp.

Here's a chat I had with a Vodafone executive today. I have not edited the chat except removing my phone number, email address and birth date. I have also informed the Vodafone exec that I will publish this chat online.

I had spoken to a couple of their executives a day before. I think they are a wonderful bunch of guys who are poorly trained, have problem understanding basic English and Hindi and generally useless when it comes to getting a solution to any problem you face. This is the third time I have had this kind of experience, so here goes. Have a good laugh and shed a tear for all suffering customers of Vodafone.

Welcome to Vodafone Chat !
Thank you for your patience, a Vodafone Service Desk Agent is now available.
{Aparna}Good Afternoon! I am Aparna. How may I help you? 
{Aparna}Please confirm if you are online? 
{Devendra Sansare}Aparna, I have a Blackberry Prosumer Lite plan. When I was in Pune two days ago, I did not get any emails or internet access
{Aparna}I regret the inconvenience caused to you. 
{Aparna}Are you inquiring for the same number: XXXXXXXXXX?
{Devendra Sansare}When I checked my account just now, it says"My handset is not compatible for these services"
{Devendra Sansare}Yes XXXXXXXXXX
{Aparna}Thank you for providing information. 
{Aparna}Are you facing same issue right now ?
{Devendra Sansare}I spoke to two customer relations execs while in Pune, both were unable to resolve this
{Devendra Sansare}I am back in Mumbai so I cant say
{Aparna}Can you please check the same 
{Devendra Sansare}So you want me to go out of Mumbai circle so I can find out if I have the same problem? Do you realize that what you are suggesting is ridiculous?
{Aparna}Sir, I can understand your concern. 
{Aparna}I will explain 
{Devendra Sansare}Can I request you to answer a simple question? 
{Aparna}Sure Sir. 
{Devendra Sansare}Does my plan allow for data usage while roaming?
{Devendra Sansare}It's a yes or no answer
{Devendra Sansare}Then why did I face the problem? I got a notification saying error code 33, please reset APN. I reset the APN but the problem persisted
{Devendra Sansare}So what's the solution Aparna?
{Devendra Sansare}Also, can you explain why does my vodafone account say that my current plan is not compatible with my handset?
{Aparna}Are you inquiring related blackberry plan ?
{Aparna} Please confirm if you are online? 
{Devendra Sansare}Yes Aparna. Let me say it again: I have a Blackberry Prosumer Lite plan. When I go to my vodafone account, it says my current plan is not compatible with my handset. Clear?
{Aparna}Yes Sir. 
{Aparna}I’ll check the information for you right away 
{Aparna}For the privacy of your account, I need to ask you a few questions, before I proceed. May I know Your Date of Birth ( Date/Month/Year ) and Email Address/Alternate contact number registered with us? 
{Devendra Sansare}DD MM YYYY
{Devendra Sansare}xyz@gmail.com
{Aparna}Thank you for providing information. 
{Devendra Sansare}Now can we have some answers Aparna?
{Aparna}Thank you for waiting
{Aparna}As per the records three is no issue related handset and plan 
{Aparna}Can you recheck once in My Vodafone account ?
{Aparna}Please confirm if you are online? 
{Devendra Sansare}So please explain 1. why my vodafone account says what is says about my current plan. 2. why didn't I have data usage facility when in Pune. 3. And why did the vodafone exec say that my handset did not have data usage as per the plan
{Aparna}I will explain 
{Devendra Sansare}When I exit chat, I will say goodbye, so please stop asking if I am online
{Aparna}Your data usage in current cycle is Usage in MB : 36.85
{Aparna}The best way You can check your data usage by sending simple sms DATA BAL to 111 (Toll free), you may also check via *111# (Toll free). If in case you want to check online, you can check the same via you’re my Vodafone account.
{Devendra Sansare}I am currently logged on to my vodafone account and this what it says: not compatible
{Devendra Sansare}I have travelled out of Mumbai a number of times. There has been no limit on my data usage. Why now, suddenly?
{Devendra Sansare}I changed my handset from BB curve to Q10, is that why?
{Aparna}You need to select data roaming option in national roaming
{Devendra Sansare}I did that
{Devendra Sansare}You must really think I am stupid
{Aparna}Okay Sir. 
{Devendra Sansare}So you agree that you think I am stupid?
{Aparna}Sorry for above line , it was not for your previous line 
{Aparna}I request you to take screen shot of that error page and mark a mail on id vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com from registered mail id 
{Devendra Sansare}What error page?
{Devendra Sansare}I got an error notification on my phone
{Devendra Sansare}Anyway, it seems that you do not have a solution to the problem. It's a yes or no answer.
{Aparna}Sir, can you please confirm that right now are you able to use data service ?
{Devendra Sansare}Yes
{Devendra Sansare}The moment I entered Mumbai circle I began getting emails and the data connection became active
{Aparna}Okay Sir.I want to tell you that you must have to contact as that time when you were in national roaming where you are facing same issue 
{Devendra Sansare}I did contact vodafone TWICE when I was facing the issue. You DID NOT HAVE A SOLUTION.
{Aparna}I regret the inconvenience caused to you. 
{Devendra Sansare}You have said that before.
{Devendra Sansare}Simple 'YES' or 'NO' answer: Can you resolve this issue or not?
{Aparna}As you able to use data service now , we unable to track previous exact data usage issue 
{Devendra Sansare}If you can't, let's not waste each other's time.
{Devendra Sansare}You could have said this earlier, and saved both of us time.
{Aparna}I can understand your concern. 
{Devendra Sansare}I don't think so.
{Devendra Sansare}So tell me what makes you think that writing an email to vodafone will help sort this out? If you can't track my data usage, how can anyone else?
{Aparna}Sir, I suggest you to send an email if you are getting error if you are getting error in My Vodafone account 
{Devendra Sansare}Also, I have asked you two questions: 1. Why didn't I have data coverage when I was outside Mumbai circle? And, 2. Why does my vodafone account page say that my current plan is not compatible with my handset?
{Devendra Sansare}The first, you can't answer. What about the second?
{Devendra Sansare}My turn to ask: Are you online?
{Aparna}Yes Sir. 
{Aparna}I am online 
{Devendra Sansare}So, you don't have an answer to both questions.
{Aparna}As you are getting the error in My Vodafone account I request you to take screen shot of that error page and mark a mail on id vodafonecare.mum@vodafone.com from registered mail id 
{Aparna}Our concern team will check that error and revert you within 48 hours 
{Devendra Sansare}Aparna, please understand this: I AM NOT GETTING AN ERROR ON MY VODAFONE ACCOUNT. I am being told on that page that MY CURRENT PLAN IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MY HANDSET. 
{Aparna}Okay Sir. I regret for above details 
{Aparna}let me chcek what I can do for you. 
{Aparna}Please be online. 
{Devendra Sansare}Don't bother Aparna. I am going to end this chat now and find a nice wall where I can bang my head.
{Aparna}Please be online. 
{Devendra Sansare}I don't believe in miracles. If you didn't have a solution for the last 15 minutes of this chat I don't think you can suddenly have it now.
{Devendra Sansare}I would like to inform you that I will save this chat and publish it on my blog. I will also tweet the link to the blog post.
{Aparna}Please be online. I will assist you with your query 
{Devendra Sansare}Sorry, have given you enough time Aparna. Signing out now. Have a good weekend and I hope you find happiness in helping other lost customers. 


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