Methinks Dhoom 3 is great value for money because:

1. It has elements of the Dhoom franchise - fast bikes, exotic locations (back in the day of Dhoom 1, Goa was exotic), one cop, one thief (make that two), one mechanic-turned-cop, hot chick, why-is-she-here chick (Victoria in 3, Esha Deol in 1 and Rimi Sen in 2), she's-here-but-why chick (Rimi Sen in 1, 2 Bipashas in 2 and Katrina in 3), and of course the Dhoom music tune.

2. It has elements of a Rajnikant movie - The man in the shiny suit with the shinier knife sequence and an auto rickshaw who always wanted to be a Hummer.

3. It has James Bond elements in it - bike that turns into a jet ski, two bikes that turn into one...

4. Its main twist in the tale is from 'The Prestige' directed by Christopher Nolan.

5. It has elements of Hollywood in it - Shot on location in Chicago with the opening scene from 'Hey this is a classic Hollywood movie opening.'

6. Its commitment to CSR in the form of providing employment to disabled sections of society like Uday Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan and Jackie Shroff. My heart goes out to Jackie because he's actually a nice guy when he is not drunk which is the time between when he wakes up in the morning and gargles with whisky.

7. Its patriotism. Especially in light of the current diplomatic exchange of 'F-you' over the Khobragade episode, its unabashed bashing of the American police and the heartless American banking system is designed to make every Indian feel proud. 

8. More especially since Illinois State Government and the Mayor of Chicago must have rolled out the red carpet for a Bollywood production to ensure that business that's going to other countries now comes to the USA and we not only took the discounts but also had fun at their expense.

9. In the context of the Indian Supreme Court upholding Section 377 that makes being gay a crime, the end where one man rejects a woman and jumps off a dam to death holding another man's hand is a strong statement in favour of the rights of the gay community.

10. The RTO can sue the actors for riding a bike without a helmet and get to summon them to the court so they can take home autographed pictures for their kids.

11. Aamir Khan might stop thinking he can act. We can at least hope.

12. Last but not the least, the samosas in movie halls are always great.


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