It’s us, only

We, when we speak English, have our own four letter word. No, it doesn’t start with an ‘F’. But we do use it similarly.

Have you heard the audio clip spoken as if it is the now-dead Osho lecturing about the versatile ‘F’ word and its usage as a noun, verb, adjective etc.

We use our four-letter word with equal versatility.

And that word is, Only.

Location - I was there only.

To mean: I was right there.

Confirmation: I was doing that only.

Meaning: I was doing just that.

Emphasis: You didn't tell me only.

Meaning: You didn't tell me at all.

Affirmation: I meant that only.

Meaning: That's what I meant.

We are coming only, going only, eating only, working only.

There is no explanation why we speak like this except:

We are like this only.


  1. Only you can write this ! hahahahaaah superb

  2. Correct only.
    It is the super cool desi English. I love it!

  3. Its called Butler english isn't it? I have seen people wrongly use 'even' and 'still' also. Guess its what happens when we think in our mother tongues and then roughly translate it to speak in English..

    Funny post! :)

  4. Thanks Prajakta & Ritika!

    Thanks Hiyamedia! And that's an interesting name you have there!

    Hey Vikas - You're right. Except I am not sure if we, the shining Indians, will like the Butler description! And yeah, you are right again about the mother tongue bit (no pun intended on biting the tongue). Glad you liked the post:)

  5. lol... good one..I love the last one..:)
    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest folower and regular visitor now.

  6. Thanks Kajal - for liking and following:)

    On the regular visitor bit, I am not blogging as regularly as I would like to :( But please check out the old ones here.



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