The Big Booming Progress of Indian Infrastructure: In The Least Expected Place.

One of the many things that separates a man from a woman (no, we are not talking about marriage here), is man's inability to resist the blank space on a wall. Yes, graffiti. 

What is it that makes men write on walls of lifts, toilets and monuments? Is it testosterone? I don't know if boys write graffiti before reaching puberty; I guess not. But that's a good topic for research - the connection between puberty and graffiti - I am sure the scientists who study stuff like the connection between length of ring finger and aggression, not having a date as a teenager and becoming a billionaire etc. would love to apply for a grant to study this one too. 

But graffiti is not the topic of this post. Rather, it is graffiti's new improved version. The Indian economy is rocking (or so I hear, though I continue to be broke all the time), infrastructure is rocking - look at the new airport terminals (don't look at the roads because it's the cars that are rocking and rolling and pitching on them), corruption figures are rocking - from a couple of crore to a couple of thousand crore and so on. This 'rocking-ness' has also infected the realm of toilet graffiti (that's a tautology - a word meaning the two words meaning the same thing and not the feeling Mumtaz of yesteryear Bollywood fame got when she wore her salwar suit). 

Here are the pictures I clicked in the men's loo at the New Delhi Airport. To understand the full import of the pictures understand that the man looking at these is standing there, relieving himself, holding... you get the idea.

The Big Picture

Sure dude. Time for introspection, eh?

I do, but a few more inches could help me here.

Yeah, I am willing, but someone taking?

Thanks for the encouragement. Could never make it without your support.

Are you sure this wasn't meant to be put up inside the privacy of the WC?

This one's for those with stones.

Now have a Nike for this too?

And this one's for the shy ones, the short ones...

You bet!

You got me there!

No sir, I won't. Definitely not on the second one.

Never was a truer word said. But is that option available here?

I guess the option is available here!

You mean to say they are hiding around here?

Frankly, I think I prefer the good old graffiti. Except that the phone numbers on the wall never seem to work


  1. I'd like to meet the media planner here, the one who probably suggested the ideal channel & the context to communicate these "pearls of wisdom"


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