Steve Jobs. On second thoughts.

A child is born out of wedlock. (I have always wondered why is called that - wedlock.) The mother puts it up for adoption but the first couple rejects it because they want a girl. The second in queue adopts him, promising his mother they will give him a college education.

The boy grows up and is sent to college but he drops out soon. He starts his own company and designs a path-breaking personal computer.

A few years later, the CEO and board of his company make him resign as the company is not doing well.

The board re-hires him. He designs and launches successful product after product to the extent that for a brief while his company is the largest in terms of net worth.

In 2004, he is diagnosed of cancer and makes an incredible come back after surgery.

Seven years later he succumbs to cancer. The world mourns.

The next time you see a loser, please be considerate and give him or her a second chance. It might make the world of a difference. Or, even a difference to the world.


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