Anna Hazare & being a damp squib

Let me begin with a honest confession (not to be confused with signed confessions given at police stations and retracted twenty years later when your case comes up for hearing).

I am a pessimist. That is, where an optimist sees a blue sky, I see a dry spell and receding ground water tables. The sky is half-full for me, always.

I am also aware, painfully so, that anything negative said or written about Anna Hazare today will have those who support his crusade (I am not sure if that’s the right word because the one crusade I remember from history was rather bigoted and violent), up in arms against those saying/writing it. I am just pinning my hope on the fact that Anna is hailed as the Modern Gandhi (actually Post-modern Gandhi because the Modern Gandhi position has been taken up by Munnabhai. Trivial aside: If Munna is Gandhi, does it make Circuit, Nehru?), and his supporters will stick to the path of non-violence and desist from breaking any bones.

So here goes, with a deep breath, prayer to non-violence and a salute to pessimism.

Lokpal – The very concept is a joke, pal.

I am not a lawyer nor am I a constitutional guru, but correct me if I am wrong, in theory in this country nobody is above law. (This of course presumes there is only one missionary position and the law can’t be f*d from below.) Of course, you can’t drag an elected representative to court but you can sack him or her first and then do the needful. But I could be wrong.

To go on a tangent to prove a point, take the wonderful skywalks built all around Mumbai. They are built for commuters who are forced to risk their lives in the chaos of traffic outside each railway station. But what’s the reason for chaos? No footpaths to walk on. Why? The hawkers have occupied it illegally. The roads are dangerous because the auto rickshaws are parked or cruising indiscriminately and private cars are double-parked illegally too. So what’s the solution? Skywalk. And not kicking encroachments out, or kicking the butts of auto and car drivers. The skywalk is like putting a cushioned toilet seat to cure loose motions – it relieves the sore cheeks but the motions continue.

We have a constitution, the Indian Penal Code, a judiciary, police, anti-corruption bureau, CBI (known in certain circles as Congress Bureau of Intimidation), various committees to probe (not solve), various crimes, economic offences wing, RAW (the name says it all), and god knows how many offshoots that are all supposed to prevent crime, corruption and obscene dances by adults and enforce law and order and pub closure times.

To me the Lokpal is a skywalk in disguise. Or a cushioned toilet seat, if you prefer that kind of humour. We want a Lokpal because none of the above works.

The current Anna Hazare movement is for a strong and powerful Lokpal. One whose purview (defined as the noise made by cat who likes the view), includes the Prime Minister of India. Let’s say we get that. Then what? Even a kid who is not old enough to wipe his own snot (butt if you prefer), knows the Prime Minister of India is a designation and not a role. A puppet whose strings are tied to the aprons of a dynasty (defined as nasty people who don’t die), which, even in the face of an all-powerful Lokpal will say, “Take the PM, kiss my snot; we will find another PM (short form of Puppet Minister).”

Then again, think some more and ask, “Who will appoint the Lokpal?” The same nasty bunch! It’s like having the world’s number one test cricket team with limping players.

Now, for a moment let’s suspend disbelief, and imagine that Anna Hazare’s movement succeeds in toppling the current government. The Loksabha is dissolved and we have general elections. Who forms the next government? The opposition? Do we have one? So we are back to square one – The Dynasty (Motto: Power is my right. Emergency is my heritage.).

I was there my friends, when we all marched to Gateway of India to light candles and protest 26/11. What a movement it was. What a moment it was. The educated youth was there. The rich SoBoites were there. Ministers got sacked. The city got its own commando force. The police got armoured vehicles and amphibian boats to patrol the roads and sea. Railway stations got metal detectors. Then, we got elections and the usual voter turnout and the same government.

Then, on 13/7/2011, we got three bomb blasts.

But what to do, I am a pessimist. A damp squib. Sorry Anna Hazare. I would have appreciated your fast had I not been eternally hungry. For a little grain of hope.


  1. brilliant! I couldn't agree more...I think most of the ppl joining the moment were already irritated and looking for an opportunity to ride on a wave just to revive their civic sense, if you know what I mean.

  2. Thanks Sachin - I know what you mean and couldn't agree with you more either!

  3. Thing is ... that you dont understand the Jan Lokpal yet, if you would have read it thoroughly you might have understand the Jan Lokpal is a a kind of trigger that could actually solve the problems you discussed in your post.

    Irony of India is - two kind of population exist in India - 1. Illeterate and 2nd - those who understand them as literate by readin some bunch of text books.

    writing a post in your comfortable room is one way of living life and doing a fast unto death in front of billions is one way.

    If some ex CEO of infosys says that am making strategies for last 35 years for some very large companies and Anna's strategy is not good, he is a illeterate for me and narrow minded too, bcoz for last 35 years he's getting paid as sallary and stock otpions, however anna's not getting any salary for this.

    I know you still wont be getting any of my point, because we the Indias, just wanted to show off ourselves in terms of social standards, money, facilities, job designations and even words. Cross-arguments are flowing blood of our generation, every one wants to speak no one is good listner.
    Be a good listener and think deep or else come out and implement your own strategy and replace Anna.

  4. Deven please do not make the grey any lighter, I cannot read! And no this is not just the designer in me talking.

    What you say, makes too much sense. Maybe too much even for the educated lot to swallow. I have tried saying the same thing (cynical too) to so many, but no one seems to really understand. Fix what is already there instead of asking for a new system with the same flaws!

    P.S. I was secretly waiting for you to write this.

  5. Dear Vardaan - I understand your anger. I do hope you are in or join politics - We need more people like you.

    Hey Ritika - Point noted about the grey! Educated or uneducated, it is easier to allow others to do the thinking and hitch yourself to someone else's bandwagon.

    PS: Thanks for the compliment in your PS!


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