As I confessed in my last post, I am having trouble keeping the ol' blog alive. The main reason is work and tonnes of it. Thanks to which, I can barely find enough time write a coherent post.  'Wait,' I say to myself, 'you were never coherent.' With that liberating thought, I go on and unleash these unconnected bits on you.

1. "Why don't we move to the drawing room," she suggested. That had me wondering, no, not what you are thinking. I wondered why it is called 'drawing room'. I have never seen anyone drawing in the room in question. Except kids of course. But they draw everywhere - I remember waking up one summer afternoon to find a house-tree-river-hills-sunrise-crow tattoo drawn on my bare back.

2. On a related note, why is a 'chest of drawers' called that? Well, drawers I can understand. Because we have to draw them out. But why a 'chest'? Why not a hip or waist of drawers?

Maybe the answer to 1 is in 2 - A drawing room is where you draw people in. Or out, if you are that kind of host.

3. Taking the same argument forward, why isn't a bedroom called 'lying room'? After all, it is a room where people lie. For example, "Oh god, I am coming".

4. The 2G spectrum was auctioned. That is, the price at which it was sold was public knowledge. Then why did it take so long for the scam to come to light? Don’t we have auditors? Or maybe the 3000 crore siphoned off by Raja is loose change for those in power and doesn't merit attention.

5. The wall constructed to guard the Siddhivinayak Temple against terrorists cost 11 crore rupees. I wonder why a wall should cost that much to build. I also wonder how many kilometres of fence we can put up on the Indo-Pak border in the same amount. Or how many new boots we can buy for our soldiers in Siachen. Or bullet-proof vests for the local cops.

6. Lastly, it is a week since Valentine's Day. I hope you have recovered – if from nothing else, from the overdose of the colour red. Red balloons, heart-shaped our otherwise, cards, shirts, dresses and even sneakers hung around in shop windows. I wonder why red is the colour of Valentine's day (and of love). I wonder why people don't get the connection – Red is also the colour of blood, of the AIDS ribbon and the flag they put up to warn you, 'Caution. Manhole Open.'


  1. 'A copy writer's coherence or the lack of it', appreciate your candor ;-)

    Some of the most memorable photo captions are when/ where you least expect to find them; remember watching a topless image of Sam Fox in a British glossy during school days titled "Treasure Chest"


  2. The new age drawing room is the 'den'.. much like the lion needing to relax. It should be called the sofa room with the logic of bedroom and bathroom. But then guest room and dining room? We need some sync.

    V-day is red because the heart is red, full of love apparently, not blood and arteries. The colour is an oxymoron.

  3. Hey K, Appreciate your candour too - in admitting you saw a topless Sam in your school days. Lucky lucky!

    Den again, R, English and sync? No, not with their famous navy.


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