Eighteen years old and still not mature

In 1992:

The Bombay Stock Exchange crossed the Rs. 4,000 mark for the first time.

Rahul Gandhi was 22 years old.

Forget Google, there was no internet.

We got our first satellite TV channel, Zee TV.

There were no malls.

No plasma, LCD, LED, 3-D, not even flat-screen TVs.

Forget iPod, iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry, there were no cell phones.

Ranbir Kapoor was 9 years old.

Today roughly 31% of population of India is less than 14 years old. That is, more than 31% of Indians living today were not even born in 1992.

The world and the country have moved on in the eighteen years since Babri Masjid was demolished.

But a bunch of politicians, those old men and women sitting with their feet dangling over fresh-dug graves, refuse to move on and peer backwards while you and I want look forward to the future and keep pace with the world.
For them, for these deadly politicians, the demolition is still a ‘burning’ issue. And they have found able partners in the media, especially the so-called news channels for whom a mosquito crushed in a road accident is ‘Breaking News’.

As if the eighteen years taken by the judiciary for arriving at a decision wasn’t a cruel enough joke.

I wish the judgement reads like this:

This court orders all political leaders be collected and buried in the hole left behind by the demolition and plaques be planted around the perimeter saying, Toxic Landfill - Keep Away for Fear of Contamination.

Only that would be a fitting memorial.


  1. Thanks Nams. But I wish there was never a reason to write these ones.

  2. Wow - very powerfully said. I think we should build a 20 storey plush apartment complex on that land and milk a premium but then Mayawati didi would say why not my statue.....

  3. Thanks Sanjay. Yes, the absurd is infinite.


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