A genetic story

I am a great believer in genetics and heredity. That way I can blame my forefathers for all my faults as well as take credit for the good things my children do.

This post, at least the part after the picture, has been written by my son and I am proud to take all credit for fathering his talent too.

Sometime last week my son was given this picture in school; I don’t know exactly when, his mother knows all these boring details, I just look at the big picture like genetics etc. The assignment, as the line below the picture states, was to write about the story in the picture.

Here’s what my little Shakespeare came up with:

There was a bird called Papu.
Everyday he used to be thirsty every time.
He once toppled down from the tree.
It was George’s pet.
He felt ill. He was in terrible pain.
George went to the hospital and he told his body was hot.
He was ill very badly. His body was increased a lot.
He was in the hospital for four days.
He had a head. A headache.

I just hope his teacher has patience in her genes. And a sense of humour.


  1. I see another writer in the making! :o)

  2. The son says thanks Dobereinerr...

    Sasha: No! Let him become a tennis/football player and buy his mum an island!


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