Missing in inaction

The past few weeks I have been slogging and hence not blogging. Not as much as I would like to. There are things in the head but the fingers are busy banging the keyboard for stuff that puts chapatis on the table.

All that slogging has been in the aid of finishing work before I leave town and switch off internet access for two weeks, beginning tomorrow. Things might happen in these two weeks that might lead to more blogging. Or if we do too much shopping, more slogging to pay for it.

But this post is presumptuous, which is the same as sumptuous except you can't eat things that are presumptuous. Like this post.

This post is inedible because it presumes that there actually are people who will miss my posts if I don't write for a couple of week. What cheek.

So long readers. I will miss you.


  1. will miss ur posts too...
    neways, Have a Happy n Eventful Holiday (lookin 4ward for more posts) :)


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