Hang 'em all.

This post might ruffle some feathers. But then, I always hope it is people and not birds who read this blog here. So shoo, if you have spent a fortune on styling those feathers, go find some blog by and for bird brains.

Ah, now that I have finished insulting birds, down to ruffling them feathers.

I simply fail to understand why a lot of people are celebrating because Kasab has been sentenced to death.  And here’s what I don’t understand about it:

1: Kasab was on a suicide mission. He came here prepared to die. Whether a cop’s bullet kills him or a hangman’s noose is immaterial to him and his masters. (We have to find a hangman of course: These days he has become a celebrity and acts in ads for light bulbs. He might soon be part of some reality show. A news anchor will ask him an intelligent question like, “Why did you decide to hang your gloves?”)

2: One would imagine that after a year and half of being arrested and crores of rupees being spent on teaching him Marathi (kidding, he is a murdering villain and not a Mumbai taxi driver, though there is not much separating the two), being spent on extracting confessions from him, the Police of Maharashtra and the Government of India would have enough information to name the people and organisations who trained, sent and ‘handled’ him. One would also imagine that finally, after having concrete proof that Pakistan-based outfits are behind this, we would attack Pakistan the way the USA attacked Afghanistan. No sorry. We got freedom through non-violence and we will always uphold its principles and send unarmed men to the battlefield, or give them guns that jam and bullet-proof vests that can’t stop a housefly. So, the least one would expect is we go to the Interpol (or whatever is the right organisation) with the information, file a complaint, make a song and dance in the UN (hue and cry is for others, we are Bollywood), shut down our embassies, consulates, borders and sever all diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

Instead, we waste our breath (just look at our breathless TV news anchors; you would imagine they go to oxygen bars on weekends), on coining terms like Shoania and inviting Pakistani leaders or their relatives for talks on how we can improve relations with each other. Doesn’t it occur to these idiots that peace will be regained when those jokers return our land, stop meddling in our internal affairs, stop sending trained terrorists to blow up large chunks of our population and stop pretending to be a democracy?

3: What about the cops? No, not the ones who died. But the ones who took forever to send in reinforcements to a place that is a five-minute walk from the Commissioner of Police’s office. (A five-minute walk if you are not wearing rusty leg irons of fear or bureaucracy or politics.) Where were they and what were were they doing at that time? One top cop opened his mouth and got transferred to take charge of police housing and welfare. What about the politicians who ‘took responsibility’ and once the echoes of gunshots died got ‘thank you for your sacrifice’ berths in the Centre? Or came back quietly after the elections? Or the news channels who (unwittingly) provided the handlers in Pakistan live coverage of the action? Or the idiots in power who didn’t realize (!) what the news channels were doing? Or the guys who signed on those purchase orders for useless bullet-proof vests?

4: Why is it so difficult to see that Kasab is a pawn. And his sacrifice will protect a whole bunch of people. On either side of the border.

My blood boils. But not at Kasab alone.

My blood boils because when Kasab will be hanged, we will be happy. Happier than we are after the judgement. More fire crackers will be burst. Songs will be sung. Movies will be made. And we will go to bed thinking justice has been done.

And while we sleep the Government and its machinery will laugh.  Quietly. Because the black bag would not have been put only on Kasab’s head. It would have been put on the head of an entire nation.

Until another Kasab lands on the shores of some other city.

I wonder, if he is caught and sentenced to death, will you burst fire crackers again?

I shot the picture upstairs in January '10 in a working class neighbourhood in Mumbai.


  1. Indeed a misplaced jubilation. All that chest-thumping and news analyses all across the country at having cornered a mere pawn.

    We really lack perspective.

    And your article was worth the wait....

  2. What to do? We are like this only... is the new-old excuse Purba.
    And thanks for the compliment.

  3. I guess we have miserably failed by overlooking another kandhahar like situation.
    why dont u guys understand that keeping kasab alive would give them more reasons to plan such attacks!

  4. Hey Vishwanath,

    I don't think anyone's saying don't hang him. Point is, don't stop at hanging him; he is the symptom so find the disease and hang it too...


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