How a Film Fares & Awards

           Today’s Economic Times Mumbai has dedicated its entire back page to cover the Filmfare Awards.
           (Today’s Bombay Times has dedicated its entire front page to the same report and apart from a few extra details like sweet little Katrina Kaif waiting for three hours with make-up on her face after giving up her performance slot to Salman, there is nothing to distinguish one from the other.)
           Apart from a list of winners carried separately in a box, the report has nothing to do with the award-winning movies or the people.
           Instead, it is a report of how the twin Masters of Ceremony entertained the audience for over three hours: The jokes they cracked, the potshots they took, the pants they dropped, everything.
           That, and the various song and dance performances in the ceremony.
           That’s weird because the Filmfare Awards are audience choice awards. That is, readers of Filmfare Magazine vote to select the winners. You would imagine the people who haven’t watched a particular movie would want to know what other people think about it. And if a movie or performance was voted as award-winning by other movie-goers, they would want to go and watch it.
           Not here. Not in this case.
           Because almost all movies in the winners’ list are not showing in cinema halls any more. In fact, a movie that won two awards, Best Actor – Male and Best Actor – Female, is being aired next weekend on a leading general entertainment television channel.
           To say the unthinkable, it’s as if no one believes the awards are in any way connected to a movie or a performance being great. Not even the guys who make the movies.
           I guess then the reporters have no other choice but to write about what a great show it was.
           Or maybe the show was simply more entertaining than the movies that won awards.


  1. The online section of the newspaper had a section on all the tweets that was sent by various celebrities during the show - that's sucks. Filmfare used to be the most "Look Forward To" program during the "hay" days but now it is just one of many

  2. What to do Sanjay, we watch movies for the stars, we watch award programmes for the stars and read newspapers for the stars. Or so they think and we don't do much to prove them wrong...

  3. Even the National awards which we used to give credence to, was all about Priyanka Chopra and her diaphanous blue saree.

  4. Unfortunately, our media doesn't give us much choice. We are forced to read/hear/see the same point of view irrespective of the masthead/channel. They all cater to the lowest common denominator and stoop to the same level...


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