This round to Facebook.

Did you notice it? This phenomenon when last year turned into this year? Unlike the non-stop buzz and ring of the mobile phone in the past, as it received Happy New Year text message after text message, this new year’s was quieter, wasn’t it?
So was Diwali, Eid, Christmas and damn it, even your birthday was quieter!
Exchanging greetings, thankfully, has moved onto Facebook. Or Orkut. Or Twitter.
One stone greets all birds.
I wonder how the telecom companies are reacting and if the bonus of my friend who works for one has been affected this year.
Unless they are making up the loss by those who log onto Facebook from their mobile phones.
Now since Facebook reminds you, ‘Today is the birthday of…’, I have a question about social networking site etiquette:
(Tangent within tangent: My wife would be happier if Facebook reminded me of things like: ‘Bring glue for the kids’ project’, ‘We’ve run out of eggs’ and etc.)
Back to tangent one:
Facebook reminds you that it is the birthday of someone from your Facebook friends’ list. Now you have known this guy (or girl) for the last 20 years. But have never wished him (or her) in your life before this because:
You didn’t know the birthday.
He/she was not on Facebook.
What would you do? Wish. Or not?


  1. I would wish them, why not...but your friend may have the last laugh if she/he gave a wrong DOB!

  2. Thanks to FB, now you do!! :) :) just wish him/her.

  3. Happy New year to you and your family Deven.. trash what we did earlier given our ltd memory and lack of interest... FB is low stress, cheap, effective, real time way to broadcast wishes so be it... wish you Happy Bday in advance:) sushma

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