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It's that time of the fast-fading year when you look back and reminisce. And when people start doing that they suddenly find that their audience has faded much, much faster than the year in reminiscence! So I will thrust upon you one thing that binds us together: This blog.

I started the writeclick gig in March and it's one of the more important things I did last year. The initial laziness apart, soon I was into some kind of rhythm. I was writing, not prolifically or by appointment, but regularly enough to get at least a few of you interested. (Shamelessly using Facebook status updates to advertise my posts helped a lot!)

Like every writer, I was always keen to know whether people were reading what I write. But I didn't know how. Until I stumbled upon I promptly put a sitemeter; you can see the sign on the right hand side of the page. It tells me wonderful stuff like how many visits, page views, from which part of the world, which site the visitor reached writeclick from and etc. Of course, it doesn't tell me any personal details about the visitor but this is great. Especially because it is free!

Apart from my friends from Facebook, I discovered that a lot of people are reaching writeclick through google image search. Now that's a surprise. I don't consider myself a photographer and the photos here are just a way of recording things I find funny or important.

That discovery brought another thought to the front, something I had been considering since the time I found that I could 'monetize' my blog. That is, google would put ads on writeclick depending on the type of users visiting the site. I would get paid depending on how many visitors clicked on those ads...

I always thought that as a 'non-option' because I believed that majority of the people visiting writeclick were people who knew me personally. Now, with the sitemeter statistics in hand, I am tempted.

But I would like to ask you, the people who visit writeclick by choice and not by accident, about what you feel about this whole 'monetizing' business. A simple comment, 'Yes' or 'No' will suffice. And help me make up my mind.

Thanks and have a great year-end and a greater new year.


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