Whisky & Shell

"Carbon capture and storage (CCS) -- gathering CO2 emissions at their source and pumping them underground -- faces steep cost hurdles, but may someday be worth hundreds of billions of dollars a year", a Shell executive said. (Read the full story here.)

But I wonder how it can 'be worth hundreds of billions of dollars' or, as the Shell CEO says, "(CCS) is one of the few technologies that has the potential to become very big'.

Maybe they will lay pipes from the used gas reservoirs where it is stored to our homes. So like piped cooking gas, we can have piped CO2 and make our own soda! Imagine pulling out a hose from under your bar and squirting some into water and turning it into soda. The kids are going to be thrilled.

Maybe the day when Shell takes over Coke isn't very far. That would explain 'hundreds of billions of dollars'. 

But remember:
1. You read it here first.
2. Dear Shell, the idea has been patented.


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