Tweet nothings

In my continuing tirade against, here's the next problem: When one of your followers (if that makes you feel like your name begins with Sri Sri or Yogini, it's not your fault), comments on your tweet, the comment appears like a new tweet by you. Except it begins with @follower's name. (This @ business has got carried over to facebook comments but that's an older story on this blog.) 
The problem of course is that if the same follower comments on two or three different tweets there is no clue as to what comment goes with what. Imagine returning to your twitter account after a week's break to find a lot of comments.
Like I pointed out to a friend in a recent e-mail: 
Twitter! I am not going to be a big follower of that, unless I have
5-10 thousand followers of my own! I guess that's the funda of twitter; it's great for celebrities etc. who have fans who'd love to read stuff like: I am in Paris, city, not Hilton.


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