A luxury called Mahatma Gandhi

FREEDOM. "The way to truth lies through Ahimsa (non-violence)".
His strength came from his faith, but his true religion was tolerance. Armed only with obstinate determination and offering an ascetic life as an example to follow, he gave his country freedom and the world a new weapon: non-violence. Montblanc pays tribute to the man whose words had the power to move the masses and the soul.
- Mahatma Gandhi Limited Edition. White lacquered surface reflecting cotton texture, 925 sterling silver mountings on cap and cone, shaped to resemble a roughly-wound yarn on a spindle, a saffron-coloured mandarin garnet on the clip, hand-crafted 18 K solid gold rhodium-plated nib finely engraved with Gandhi's image. MONTBLANC. A STORY TO TELL.

Actual text from Montblanc ad released in The Economic Times, Mumbai on October 2, 2009, Gandhi's Birth Anniversary. The pen costs fourteen lakh rupees only.



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