Driven (badly) by our genes

Remember last month's post titled, 'Fonts & Football'?, where I went off on a tangent to quote a study about the relation between men with longer ring fingers and aggressive driving?
(This is the second post I am starting with 'Remember...' It is an indication of something, I just can't remember what.)
Well, today's Times of India carries a Reuters story on the same lines: 'No need to curse that bad driver weaving in and out of the lane in front of you - he cannot help it, US researchers reported on Wednesday. The research suggests individuals born with a certain variant of a gene don't stay on the road as well as their counterparts'.
I wonder what drives (no pun intended) these researchers to research whatever they research. Okay, studying genes is serious business but what the Huh?! makes them want to research the connection between a funny gene and driving? Maybe they have a dart board with things people do written on it...

Whatever their reasons, I have carefully cut out the article and have put it in my wallet, right next to my driving licence.


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