Where the streets have no name

On one hand, we have this obsession with names of roads, roundabouts, monuments etc. to the point that no public amenity is ever built without controversies about what it should be named. It is a show of political power - no national or local personality is spared, if you are dead and your heirs/followers have connections, you will be soon be on the streets.
On the other, here are some that seemed to have slipped the political eye. The picture here is a biggish road in Bandra East, Mumbai.
Bhopal has a road that is simply called VIP Road and its 800-year old lake goes by the name  बड़ा तालाब, that is, Big Lake.
The road running along Srinagar's Dal Lake has a tautology for a name: Boulevard Road.
The by-lanes of Bandra and Khar West still sport humble numbers like 14th Road, 16th Road etc. but given the frequency with which the resident film stars are jumping into politics, the numbers are bound to dwindle sooner or later...


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