RJ - The Radio Joker

This morning on All India Radio's Rainbow FM, yeah I listen to that, the RJ goes (not the exact words), "Anand Jon has been sentenced to 59 years in prison by a US court. If he were in India he would be saying, 'Jai Ho!' and chilling right now".


In that one statement the R-Joker claimed:
The US judicial system is full of morons.
You can get away with rape in India.
Rape is okay.

To quote The Times of India quoting the US judge, Jon was given this sentence because:
'Jon's lack of remorse, his use of violence and cruelty in his assaults and his manipulation of young, vulnerable women also added to the seriousness of his crime, Wesley observed, while handing down the massive sentence for rape, sexual battery, and lewd acts on a child.'

What is more scary is that probably the joker is only the beginning. If the same Times report is to go anything by, be prepared for a Jon sympathy wave in the Indian media with Jon's family sobbing innocence of their little victimised boy.


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