Give an inch, take a metre

"What do you use in India," The guide wanted to know, "The metric system or FPS?" The question made me think. (All questions do since I rarely know any answers.) But my answer surprised me too.

We use the metric system to measure lengths, distances, weights and quantities of liquids. And the FPS (foot, pound, second) system to measure heights and areas. So I weigh 78 kg, am 6 feet tall, drink a litre and half of water everyday and live in a house that is 5000 square feet. The last number being a fantasy and the unit of measurement a reality. The most bizarre being: We measure body temperature in Fahrenheit and atmospheric and liquid temperatures in Celsius.

But contradictions and the ease with which we balance them, is us I guess. It seems we are walking a tightrope, holding onto two ropes; the old with one hand and the new with the other, afraid that if we let go of either, we will fall off...


  1. inch inch india ( there was this shitty title that day on india TV ... some china thingy haha...


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