Ready for God?

Last week the world celebrated Janmashtmi, the birth of Sri Krishna. According to a news report in The Times of India, maternity hospitals in Kolkata overflowed with mothers opting for a C-section because they believed that if their son was born on this holy day, he would be a reincarnation of Krishna himself.

I wonder what would happen if indeed a reincarnation was born to one of these mothers:

Would she be okay with the idea of entrusting her son to a cowherd’s family so that his uncle wouldn’t kill him?

How would the neighbours react if the reincarnated baby crawled into their houses and stole Amul butter packs from their fridges?

Or, if He stole the clothes of teenage girls having a bath in the river?

Or, would the PETA or SPCA hold demonstrations after He killed a particularly dangerous snake residing in the local Hooghly River?

Or, if he spent entire days playing the flute and dancing with the girls in the neighbourhood?

And so on. But that’s not the saddest part of the article. It further reports that the parents who had a daughter after the C-section ‘were very disappointed’.



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