I was right. I was wrong.

The Delhi High Court passed judgement on a Public Interest Litigation filed against Section 377, saying, ‘We declare that Section 377 IPC (Indian Penal Code), insofar as it criminalises consensual sexual acts of adults in private, is violative of Articles 21, 14 and 15 of the constitution.” Article 21 deals with personal liberty, 14 with right to equality, and 15 the right against discrimination (on grounds of sex).

Hurray! Hugs!! And etc!!!

No, not yet.

The Times of India reported the next day, ‘The meeting (between the health, law and home ministers) discussed the judgement and would consider the legal opinion before submitting a report to the Prime Minister’.

‘The meeting,’ the report continues, ‘was held amid indications that those incensed by the verdict may go in appeal to the Supreme Court – an eventuality that will force the government to take a position that it is wary of taking given the sensitive nature of the issue’. HUH?

So here we have a government-run, government appointed judge stating in the court of law that the section is unconstitutional and the government seeks legal opinion! HUH? HUH!

In other news, confident of the stability of its government due to an unexpected majority, petrol and diesel prices were hiked overnight, which sooner rather than later, will increase the price of everything and affect everyone.


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