The world is coming to an end. Or is it?

At the end of an e-mail sent by a friend, I found a quote. Nothing unusual about that, there are a lot these going, like 'When life gives you lemons, be sour,' and etc. Except this one set me thinking. It said, 'We should not be worried about saving the world, but about saving ourselves'. Let's imagine Doomsday. The polar caps have melted and the world has drowned. All terrestrial life, including us, has been wiped out.
The earth will be one big ocean. Time will pass. The waters will recede. We will be back to square one of evolution. There will be life only in water and when the water recedes and land appears, the fish will say, "Oh fish! We have to turn into frogs, salamanders or whatever the first amphibian form was." Another million, billion, trillion years later the earth will have humans beings again. There will be more fossil fuel of course, some of it made from you and me. I like the scenario. I like the quote. The earth has survived and will survive. It is our backsides that need protection.


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