In Bangalore, India a software engineer killed his 4-day old daughter by throwing her down a well because he felt that she was separating his wife from him. In Bihar, India a 14-year old girl was beaten to death for straying into a field while on her way to fetch a bucket of water. In Gurgaon, Haryana, India four students crushed the genitals of 22-year old while ragging him. In the UK at the G20 Summit a couple of weeks from now, The Economic Times says, 'The emerging nations bloc, including India, is clearly going to make anti-protectionism the cornerstone of their argument. Instead of rhetoric, they're likely to demand clear signals that rich nations aren't bunkering down in nationalistic cubbyholes, while at the same time talking about global coordination'. In South Africa, gangs of men are raping lesbians to cure them.


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