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Tell me what you think

Christmas is here

A couple of nights ago

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A friend and a song

Of men, women and muffins.

The Times is changing. The times aren't.

0.03% forests. 99.07% cynicism.

Whisky & Shell

A deep environmental comment

Tweet nothings

Cyclone. Warning.

A bitter-tweet experience

Opportunity knocks seven times

Fiddler in the burrow

Driven (badly) by our genes

Names 2

Death & Bad Habits - 2

Death & Bad Habits

En Joy

Boo hoo


A luxury called Mahatma Gandhi

अंग्रेज़ गए लेकिन

Where the streets have no name

Chinese whisper

Poetry - A sobering experience

Give an inch, take a metre

Fonts & Football

Poetry - The morning after

Poetry in the morning

Things break.

Coke & Banks

Thank you

RJ - The Radio Joker

Slum dogs - Sequel

Slum dogs millionaire

M for mystery follower

Smiley's Dilemma :(

@ facebook

It's official now. It's a drought year in India.

Smoking. Another unpalatable truth.

News from the Swine & Cheese Set

Ready for God?

Absence & Books - 2

Absence & Books